Calypso Networks Association withdraws from OSPT

Bruxelles, 26 November 2013.

Effective immediately, CNA has decided to stop its membership from OSPT.
Originally, the goal of this membership was to maintain the contact with OSPT in order to encourage the convergence toward a unique standard.
However, after this observation period, CNA considers that the technical choices and strategic positioning of OSPT result on the contrary only in creating one more solution, without any technical or commercial advantage for the market and make any convergence impossible.
The characteristics of CALYPSO, world renowned and used throughout many countries as the open standard for contactless ticketing, created and controlled by its users, already answer perfectly the market expectations in terms of security, interoperability, and compatibility with mobile phones.
The numerous transport operators and organizing authorities which constitutes CNA, as well as the many suppliers associated to the project since 20 years, thus decide to concentrate their resources on a time proven standard, which has been capable over the last 20 years to prove its capacity to evolve in order to continuously take into account the requirements of its users.

The Board of CNA