Etienne Graindor has departed

Egraindor112013-smallIt is with emotion and sadness that we learnt that Etienne Graindor died Wednesday afternoon after a long illness, which he faced with courage and modesty .
This disappearance is all the more brutal and cruel, as he was among us a few days ago at the Open Session of CNA, so alive and still determined to continue his mission to promote Calypso, beyond a well-deserved retirement.

It occurs on the tenth anniversary of the creation of this association, of which he was a founding member, without leaving time for us to show him our respect and appreciation for what he achieved, since we thought we would see him back very quickly,.
Throughout these years, he put his enthusiasm and convictions into the development of Calypso, first by making his home country, Belgium, a showcase for the world, then traveling tirelessly across the planet to witness and promote this technology, and finally devising new features like Triangle to improve it and to better meet market expectations.
Etienne Graindor will be remembered as a visionary and as a demanding and passionate collaborator, to whom Calypso and ticketing owe much, but also as a sensitive and endearing man, inquisitive and attentive to everyone.
We stand by his relatives and his family in their grief and our thoughts accompany him on his last journey.