Who better than operators know their needs?
So Calypso is the electronic ticketing technology designed by Transit operators for Transit operators

CALYPSO is today’s card interfacing with tomorrow’s system

The system that operators set up today must rise to the challenges of costs and service quality that their transport company will be tackling tomorrow:

  • Fight against forgery and fraud
  •  Productivity gain
  •  Diversification of the sales network (reloading on Internet, cell phones, and so on)
  •  New services…

An operator must make the right choice in ticketing technology because the electronic ticketing system has to meet its requirements to last 15 years.

In the choice of technology, the card is the key component of an electronic ticketing system, because the card determines the system performance and the global security level.

That is why CALYPSO has focussed on card specifications and made the following choices:

  • Multisource
    Giving competition a free rein and guaranteeing lower costs
  • Security
    Fighting against counterfeiting now and in the future
  • Compliance with current standards (ISO 14 443 A & B, ISO 7816 1-4, EN 1545)
    Ensuring the development of future compliant products
  • Common interface for a range of cards
    Providing all passengers with a contactless solution (occasional and regular customers)
  • Open platform for other services
    For adding an electronic purse, customer loyalty programmes, targeted marketing information, etc.
  • The respect of privacy
    Through a decentralised security system management (no central account required)
  • Reliability
    Through the development of operational products including CALYPSO specifications