What are the characteristics of your transport network ?

STIB (Société des Transports intercommunaux de Bruxelles) is the main and official operator
of the Region of Brussels Capital. It copes with 615.000 trips every working day and, annually, 170.000.000. Its activity represents 32 % of the market of motorised trips and 90 % of public transport trips.
STIB operates three transport modes: underground, tramways and buses.

What were the objectives you set yourselves in choosing an electronic ticketing system ?

The objectives adopted by STIB to introduce a smart card based ticketing system are:

  •  to facilitate the access to public transport through a multiapplicative concept integrating payment means
  •  to use an efficient commercial tool allowing to develop a real CRM and a re-engineering of the sale process
  •  to develop customers new attitudes leading to a better sense of citizenship
  •  to take benefit of the participation of STIB in the European projects CALYPSO and more recently TRIANGLE, lead by STIB
  •  to place the smart ticketing in an interoperability logic as well as on National or International levels
  •  to use a technique that guarantees a high availability as well as low maintenance costs


Why have you chosen CALYPSO for your ticketing system ?

As a partner of the European projects CALYPSO and TRIANGLE, STIB is the owner of the specifications of the CALYPSO concept and will naturally use them.

Who is the supplier of your ticketing system ?

The system is under development and consequently, the provider is unknown for the moment. However, STIB plans to take benefit of the "open" specifications so that, after a market process of pre-qualification, to share the market between a least two providers. Moreover, some existing equipment will be adapted (automatic vending machines e.g.).

What is the lay-out of your ticketing system ?

STIB tries to host the transport application in all the bank cards owned by 82 % of public transport customers. Some "permanent" cards (issued by STIB) will be issued for non banking persons, and low cost tickets will be used for non-regular trips. The distribution of the cards (more than 8 million in Belgium) will therefore be done, as usual, by the banks.

Do you intend make extensions through adding further applications to your system ?

STIB will provide the logistics and sales in its sales network of the City Card of the museum in Brussels, based on the same technology and later, will integrate a transport right of use.