What are the characteristics of your transport network ?

Capri transport network features :

  • Number of passengers per year: 7.600.000
  • Customers categories: inhabitants, commuters and tourists
  • Capri transport structure: Three main transport companies manage the transport network of Capri:
  1. SIPPIC Funicolare di Capri: It manages the funicular service, having 2 trains and a transport offer size equal to 169.758 trains x Km/year
  2. SIPPIC Trasporti Campania: It manages the most part of bus service on the isle of Capri, having 26 buses and a transport offer size equal to 766.643 bus x Km/year
  3. STAIANO Autotrasporti: It manages the remaining part of bus service, having 7 buses and a transport offer size equal to 237.439 bus x Km/year

The above three transport companies participate to the integrated fare system applied on the transport network of Capri called "UNICO CAPRI".

  • The isle of Capri is split in two municipalities: Capri and Anacapri, with a total surface area of 10,36 Km2 and 13.100 inhabitants.


What were the objectives you set yourselves in choosing an electronic ticketing system ?

The main aims in adopting an electronic ticketing system are :

  • Increase the use of public transport, with advantages both for the customer, because by always using one and only ticket, makes use of the public transport network in an easier way, and for the companies, because by getting to know the actual passengers flow on the lines, are able to better manage the service and to modify it according to users' needs.
  • Decrease fraud/falsification, as the electronic travel card (contactless smart card) is not likely to be reproducible and modifiable thanks to its technology.
  • Decrease evasion/elusion: in fact the validation, which is always made possible and compulsory for all on-board users (occasional, commuters, others), allows to struggle evasion.
  • Develop the fare integration with all public and private companies, because the profits distribution is carried out on the basis of the on-board validations;
  • Get more different services on the same card, like car-parking – entrance to museums – services to citizens and bank payments.


Why have you chosen CALYPSO for your ticketing system ?

Calypso is the most developed and therefore tested electronic ticketing system to adopt: in addition, it is based on standard ISO, which allows the best compatibility between different kinds of smart cards and validation machines. In the experience of Capri, in fact, it has been possible to utilize two different types of smart cards, based on GTML and CTS technology, but both based on the same Calypso project protocol. In particular, the CTS smart cards have been introduced since the 16th of July 2002, while the GTML smart cards since the 1st of October 2002.


Who is the supplier of your ticketing system ?

The electronic ticketing system adopted on Capri has provided by ASCOM ITALIA for hardware (computer systems, validation machines), ASCOM MONETEL for the implemented software and ASK for contactless smart cards.


What is the lay-out of your ticketing system ?

Two different kinds of contactless smart cards are adopted:

GTML smart cards, with double interface (Radio Frequency and contact), dedicated to the inhabitants of isle of Capri and commuters, for several types of tickets.

The GTML smart cards technical features are synthesized in the following chart: