What are the characteristics of your transport network ?

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal situated in the littoral centre of the country at the mouth of the river Tagus. In the heart of the Portuguese capital more than 700 000 persons live and in the greater area of Lisbon 1,8 million of inhabitants. To these 2,5 million inhabitants (which generate around 2,6 million daily trips on public transports) there have to be added about eight million of tourists per year. Out of these figures the importance of Lisbon as a medium sized capital can be seen.
The Public transports systems of Lisbon Region are insured by five different modes: bus, tramway, underground, train and ferry. These five modes are operated by a large number of public and private operators, on a total of 14. Thus, in Lisbon Region we are facing a very complex multimodal multi-operator environment.


What were the objectives you set yourselves in choosing an electronic ticketing system ?

  • To preserve the integrated tariff system of the Lisbon Region
  • To ease the control system
  • To enhance the fairness and reliability of the revenue split
  • To build a information system as a tool for the planning of the transport system

Why have you chosen CALYPSO for your ticketing system ?

  • Being a Partner in the development of the Project gave us the confidence on the solution as the best in the market  
  • The complexity of the Lisbon Region tariff system can be dealt by Calypso capabilities

Who is the supplier of your ticketing system ? 

  • INDRA for Metropolitano de Lisboa
  • NOVABASE for Carris, Transtejo and Private Bus Companies
  • LINK Consulting and SPIRTECH for ticketing application design

What is the lay-out of your ticketing system ?

  • The contactless smartcard is ASK-GTML2, that is being bought by some of the Operators; the total amount is 800.000 clients in the Region
  • Loading equipment is ASK and the quantity around 180
  • The validators come from different makers


Do the obtained results meet your initial objectives ?

Only after some time of use it will be possible to give a thorough answer.

Do you intend make extensions through adding further applications to your system ?

Connection with the Bank system is being dealt as we intend, namely, to have loading of the cards by ATM machines.