Contactless cards

Contactless tickets and cards:

  • Contactless Ticket
  • Wired logic card

The Calypso range of cards includes low cost Contactless Tickets. They are in accordance with ISO 14443 part 1-2 standard and can be used on the same terminal as contactless smart cards.

An easy integration, security, flexibility and low cost make the Contactless Ticket the ideal solution for mass transit, Access Control (Museums, leisure parks, stadiums) and tagging applications.

With a lower security level than that of the microprocessor card, but undoubtedly more secure than the magnetic ticket, it is totally well suited to small scale applications and to manage low price contractst (single / multi trip, day pass , event pass).

The Contactless ticket includes a contactless memory chip embedded into a low cost disposable plastic or paper medium optimised to ensure the most cost effective ticketing solution for Mass Transit and Access Control. Operators no longer need to invest in dual technology equipment (e.g. contactless and magnetic). Therefore the contactless ticket provides an important reduction in the investment and maintenance costs of the equipment as well as the conversion time to this new technology.

Contactless Tickets are available in low cost ISO or Edmonson paper packaging or in the standard plastic packaging.

The Contactless Ticket can be personalised at production stage with colour printed customer artwork.
Ticket initialisation can be easily done at points of sales with a contactless reader which can be connected to a printer so that the Contactless Ticket can be individually personalised using ink jet or thermal printing (Contactless Ticket with optional thermosensitive paper).