Dual interface cards

Dual interface cards (contact and contactless) for a value added system


  • Transport card

Which offers a high security level managing a Calypso transport application (allowing several contracts in the card).

The microprocessor smart card can handle at least 4 contracts of all types (special limited-time fare, electronic token facility, or tickets by the unit). This also means that pricing can be adjusted to the customer profile. The card has two validation modes for trips priced according to distance: route selected at the entrance or fare deducted at the exit.
The card contacts provide a flexibility that enable passengers to reload their transit card on a network of different terminals. Re-loading can be done on current terminals (card-operated public telephones, banking terminals and so on) or on specific terminals (card-reading mobile phones, Internet access systems equipped with card readers, and so forth).


  • Multi-application card with stored value

Carrying one or several Calypso applications, and possibly other applications (loyalty, private payments, stored value, access control etc.)

The card, equipped with a contact and contactless chip, incorporates several zones. Each zone includes a set of secret keys that firewall the applications: a transit zone (at least 8 contracts possible), an exclusive stored value zone, and one or several multiservice zones.

It is the card with the edge, enhancing the offer with additional services for the transport chain (special rates for a car park, customer loyalty counters) or for a business (access control, flexitime).

  • Transport card or multi-application card with Electronic Purse

The Calypso technology can be associated to any local Electronic Purse (EP):

An Electronic Purse may be used for small purchases in shops, at vending machines, for public transport tickets, at pay phones…
Cardholders no longer have the bother of finding the exact change or even to carry coins. Thanks to a high level of security standards, banks entice their clients more and more into using this modern and convenient purse (several Electronic purses are currently operated world-wide).

The EP gives you the opportunity to meet today’s requirements: that is instant and anonymous payment. For transport companies, EP offers a new means of payment for mass transit users. Combined with a contactless card, the EP could be an answer to manage occasional travellers. On the other hand, the EP increases the volume of electronic cash transactions and subsequently the number of clients for banks.
The EP is an ideal tool for a differential tariff policy: All transport companies must have a system which enables them, firstly to get to know their clients better in order to provide them with better service, secondly to apply their tariff policy and its variations, depending on the requirements.
Calypso has already been associated to GELDKARTE EP (Germany), PMB EP (Portugal) MINIPAY EP (Italy), MONEO (France).