The Calypso technology aims at defining the card and terminal reference specifications which will allow to build your ticketing system according to your needs.



he Calypso specifications allow transit operators to build systems that are adapted to their specific needs and that handle all usual automatic fare collection functions with the added advantages of a contactless medium:
Transport cards can be reloaded (one-way tickets, season tickets, etc) at vending machines, in shops, or at ticket offices in a contact and contactless way...   They can be validated aboard any means of transportation – quickly and safely. The validators are used to validate entrance to (and optionally exit from) the network system.   They can be easily checked by Revenue Protection Staff…
The central system allows keeping track of the transactions, making statistics and verifying the system security and integrity...

In short, the technical elements constituting the Calypso specifications are:

Calypso Secure Transaction
Calypso generic Data Model
Calypso generic Security Architecture
Calypso generic API

To prove the feasibility of Calypso, many manufacturers provide products completely compliant with Calypso specifications. Moreover Calypso places masked components at the disposal of manufacturers, giving a fast access to a reliable product.