Contactless technology

Ticketing is defined as the management of contracts linking a service provider with its customers. It covers all the operations connected with the issuing of a use and/or an access right, its selling, reloading, validation and controlling. Electronic ticketing uses a smart card type support, with an interface which is either, as required, with contact or contactless.

Above all, Calypso is the electronic ticketing standard which meets Transit operators' needs.

What is contactless technology ?

After using paper tickets, then magnetic technology, the 3rd generation widely developed nowadays is based on Smart cards using Contactless technology.


Contactless technology is based on inductive transmission, which is used in the transmission between a smart card and a terminal. The smart card holds and processes information, the terminal (validators, vending machines…) reads or modifies this information.


Inductive transmission offers several advantages:


Furthermore, the use of a microprocessor allows for a high level of communication and security.


Calypso is working in contact and contactless modes

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Contactless applications: